Couples Therapy In Amsterdam

Cil van den Brink is a Dutch registered mental health therapist & couples therapist. He offers online therapy in Dutch, English and German outside of office hours. 

Cil is registered therapist, information about registration you can find in 'praktische gegevens' under 'kosten en vergoedingen'. Clients with a dutch health insurance often get a part of the therapy covered by their additional health insurance.


Cil's work is very influenced by Emotionally focused therapy and sessions for therapy are often a bit longer then regular couples therapy sessions, u should count on minimum 90 min in the start.


Costs online individual therapy:

Individual therapie session

45 min 75 Euro  (incl 1 E-health contact)

60 min 90 Euro (Incl 1 E-health contact) 

75 min 107,50 Euro  (incl 1 or 2 E-health contacten)


Costs online couples therapy session

60 min 60 pp  (incl 1 E-health contact)

75 min 75 Euro pp (incl 1 E-health contact)

90 min 90 Euro pp (incl 1 a 2 E-health contact)

105 min 105 Euro pp (incl1 a 2 E-health contact)


If you are insured with a dutch health insurance most insurances will cover a big parth of your therapy from their additional packages. You can always contact me for more information about this. 


For more information about the therapist: (in English)



If you want to know more about EFT you could cheack out the following website and read the book 'hold me tight':